Bio: A Canadian girl raised in the rugged wilds in the Kootenays (Rocky Mountains) of British Columbia whose world travels have taken her to the tops of mountains, achieving gold medal victories, great ocean depths, and the canopies of the tallest trees. This love for travel and unquenchable thirst for something new and exciting leaves her constantly in transition, and constantly inspired. Although the journeys always change - the scenery, the company, the destination- the quest for truth, and beauty remain the only constant. It has taken me years to discover the reoccurring theme, the undercurrent of my life, and ultimately it's the search for adventure, beauty, honesty, and passion. Whether it's through art, fashion, music, travel, day dreaming, dancing, playing dress-up, bungee jumping, or just a great pair of shoes, it is my goal to live my life with passion, with love, with honesty, and celebrate the little, the big, the peculiar, the playful, the magical, and all things in between. With this as the mantra behind my choices, and ultimately what I share here, I hope to share some inspiration, some light and some joy and laughter with whomever encounters it. I leave you with a humble request, as expressed by the honourable Walt Whitman, "Be curious, not Judgemental". xx M Instagram: @meeshfeesh Twitter: @meeshfeesh

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