Weight Off My Shoulders: Sometimes A Girl Just Needs A Haircut

I don’t know anyone who could argue with the fact that life is all about change. Good change, bad change, whatever kind you want, but it is completely impossible to stay the same. This past year has been completely jam packed with changes for me; good, difficult, exciting, liberating, lonely, wonderful, magical, beautiful, life changing changes!

With all these changes that happen in your life, the way you see the world, the way you feel about certain things, and the way you see yourself changes along with it. That’s a whole lot of inner transformation that’s going on! As a result, eventually we will look in the mirror and maybe we won’t recognize ourselves any more. At least, that’s what happened to me.

When I say “I didn’t recognize myself anymore”, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I’ve come face to face with this at different stages of my life and as much as it can be scary, my greatest feeling has always been to rise up and meet it with excitement. When you change on the inside, it’s only natural to shed the old you and complete your metamorphosis by changing something about your outside too. After all, isn’t that what we present to people as their first impression? If I am not the same “old me” then why should I look like “the same old me”?! I asked myself this exact question, and the answer was obviously a joyful, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIRL!”.

So what’s next? Well my first step was to go for cocktails with my uber chic and talented stylist friend and ask her professional opinion on what was next for me stylistically. She took a sip of her drink (‘Sex on the Beach’ which she’d never heard of before and reacted in that CLASSIC and Only-In-The-Movies type way of saying “EXCUSE ME?!” to the waiter), squinted her eyes a little and said with absolute certainty, “Cut your hair. Blunt. Shoulder length. Keep the bangs long. No fringe for you, you’ll lose that model face behind them.” When I asked if I should change anything about the colour she replied, “One change at a time”. And there you have it folks!

Next thing I knew I was seated in the uber chic Saint Germain Salon Christophe Nicholas Biot while a gorgeous French hair stylist free styled as he dry cut my hair!

Salon Christoph Nicholas Biot

Salon Christoph Nicholas Biot

Long Hair vs Short Hair Before & After

Long Hair vs Short Hair
Before & After


Talk about taking some weight off my shoulders!! With this new outward change, I have been able to embrace even more changes in my life which all seem to be coming up one on top of the other. And with my fresh new ‘do, I feel ready to face them all!



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