Moments in Song

The come down from fashion week is finally setting in. With my first season in Paris for both Men’s and Couture successfully behind me, I have finally gotten a moment to sit down and process everything that has happened over the past two weeks. Yes, it has been filled with incredible creativity, fashion, music, locations, architecture and steeped in adventure… but there have also been huge changes for me personally during this time that I have finally gotten a chance to reflect on.

Now if you’re reading this post hoping for some juicy news on Couture week, don’t worry it’s coming down the pipe and your appetite will be satiated by the weekend! But right this moment, I don’t have fashion on my mind.

I’ve been sitting alone in my apartment (which isn’t lonely, it’s actually blissful), eating oatmeal and enjoying some peppermint tea and listening to music. I have always had a deep connection to music and it is something that continues to be an enormous source of inspiration for me, as well as a time capsule for some of my most treasured memories. Luckily, with technology and more outlets for creativity, musicians are able to express themselves and collaborate with cinematographers to create incredible visual stories to accompany a deeper meaning for their music. When I was younger I used to think that this was a job I would love to do, to work with musicians, listen to their work and come up with concepts and shots for their music videos… and to be honest, it’s still something that interests me. My way of listening to music is incredibly visual. What I mean by that is a song will inspire a story inside my head, and I can map out shots, angels, transitions, etc. for the entire song. I wish I had a constant camera crew and production team around me at all times!

I have no words to describe the way I felt the first time I saw Bon Iver’s video for Holocene. It is one of my favorite songs from his self titled album and I had joyful tears rolling down my cheeks. Beyond the beauty and artistry of the video, I saw so much of my culture within it, and I also see a lot of my father. I have often wished I could have a time machine so that I could go and meet my parents when they were young, and get a sense of who they “really are”. My Dad has always been the hero of my world and he has always been strong and larger than life in my eyes, so it has been a great curiosity of mine to see him before he grew up. On top of looking incredibly similar to my Dad when he was this age, this boy’s adventurous spirit and playful, quiet confidence are qualities my father carries with him to this day. For me, this song and video will always be a tribute to my father, and to remind me to always keep my childlike sense of wonder as I go through this life.

The Tallest Man on Earth has been one of my favorite bands for a few years now and I am so excited that they are becoming more and more recognized as they are so beyond talented. This song has meant to such to me over the years and reminds me of the power we all carry within us to survive even the most heartbreaking of times. The video reminds me of so many memories with my family and growing up in the Rocky Mountains, truly being able to have a wild and free childhood. All is Love could not be a more perfect title for this song, and is an excellent reminder that ultimately that is how we can choose to live our lives. I am so thankful for those who have been in my life and who have chosen to give love to me and know that such a gift will never be wasted.

I love my Rocky Mountains

I love my Rocky Mountains

Ben Howard’s Old Pine is the perfect song for the traveller and wild at heart. Previously it always reminded me of my adventures backpacking around Australia with my best friend, camping out on May Long weekend on lake bottoms with my best friends in the mountains, hiking along the seaside in England, surfing with my Dad and sister in Hawaii, and hosting tribal fire dances at our family cabin high up in the Rockies and howling at the moon. Lately it has taken on a new meaning for me though in that it seems I have passed the torch of this song to my younger sister who is currently backpacking around South East Asia. It’s her first backpacking adventure and I could not be more thrilled for her! To travel, to live, to adventure and to surrender to all of the beauty that life’s experiences have to offer is such an amazing thing. This song now makes me think of my beautiful sister and fills me with so much happiness knowing she is filling her heart with sunshine, love, and incredible experiences.

Sisters in Belize

Sisters in Belize

Featherstone by The Paper Kites is just magic. I don’t know how else to describe how it makes me feel to hear it, or to see this incredible video of Peter Pan meets Where the Wild Things Are (two of my absolute childhood favorites by the way). When I was little I wanted to be Mowgli from the Jungle Book, and Peter Pan, wild and free and do as I please ! It’s no surprise why this video tugged at my heart strings and makes me wish I could be a kid again in some ways or another… or at least gather up some friends and rekindle those childhood flames for the nonsensical and magical.

Spirithooded Me. Never Grow Up!

Spirithooded Me. Never Grow Up!

My life and travels in Australia were truly one of the most incredible times of my life and were constantly accompanied by the mindblowing talent of Xavier Rudd, who’s voice became the soundtrack to my adventures. There is something so liberating and so uplifting for your spirit to never have to wear shoes, be constantly embraced by the sea, the sand, the sun, and some of the kindest people you could hope to meet. I am so lucky for my best friend and so thankful that she shared this journey with me. I know I will return to Oz, not only because I absolutely love this country, but because my she never came back! Happy, in love, and with a house on the beach, I guess deciding to come travel with me was an even better choice than we both could have imagined!

Me & Best Friend Chud at Sunset in WA

Me & Best Friend Chud at Sunset in WA

I don’t know exactly what to make of this post in closing… perhaps it’s that I’m feeling nostalgic, perhaps I’m feeling homesick for my mountains, or wishing for a simpler time where I was freer and with less responsibilities and worries, less pressure to be a good responsible grown up. I guess the truth is that maybe it’s a little of all of these things… but what I believe it the big thing is, is that I am so incredibly thankful for my friends and family and so proud of their personal accomplishments, their spirit, and especially for the love and support they have given me, the beautiful life they built for me, and now that they are supporting me as I seek to carve out a life of my own.



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