Me, Anna Wintour & Haute Couture

Thursday was a much needed break for the agency from shows, but the work was ENDLESS at the office. We spent the entire day mailing invitations for Haute Couture which starts on Monday (January 20th). After 6 hours of non-stop stamping and envelope licking (oh yea, did you think that the fashion industry was always all glamorous?!), my brain had just about had enough until…

Oh yes… Anna Wintour’s name came across my desk. With a trembling hand I tenderly licked the stamp for her envelope and completed her invitation. Yes that’s right – Anna Wintour will receive something containing my DNA. It basically means we’re friends now right? Like I can go up to her at the show and be like “Anna! Thanks so much for coming, you’re welcome that I invited you here this evening”?!

All jokes aside, it was one of the biggest moments for me so far, knowing that I have personally prepared and mailed invitations to my idol Grace Coddington is mind blowing. I can’t believe I will be attending an Haute-Couture show with Grace, Anna, Tim Blanks, and Emmanuelle Alt!

Anna Wintour Illustrtaion

Anna Wintour Illustrtaion

Emmanuelle Alt Illustration
My Idol Grace Coddington

My Idol Grace Coddington

Emmanuelle Alt Illustration

Emmanuelle Alt Illustration



2 responses to “Me, Anna Wintour & Haute Couture

  1. I can totally understand how you might have felt of having the minutest connection with the goddess of the fashion industry

    • Absolutely! It has been such a thrill to have come so close to these woman who have inspired me for so many years. Both in their business sense and their creativity. Talk about some woman power!!! 🙂

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