First Day Fears & Just Jumping In

Holy smokes! What a week it has been!!!! I could never have imagined such a small amount of time could pack in so many mind blowing experiences. Veils have been lifted, light has been shed, and dreams have both come true and evolved in the same instant. How so?! Well dear ones let me fill you on on my first few days of working for a PR agency in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week. (!!!! 🙂 !!!!)

My first day was Monday, January 13th. I spent a sleepless night (and I mean literally sleepless, not the tossing and turning kind of “sleepless”, I mean eyes wide open, brain fully functioning, texting my mother frantically and watching Skyfall and Inception before my alarm went off at 6am kind of sleepless). Riding the last waves of energy provided by my jet-lag and nervousness I got myself dressed and as mentally prepared as possible.

Okay! Now before I say what I’m about to say, let me preface it by saying I feel incredibly silly talking about what I wore on my first day (I’ve never been a WIW, OOTD etc. kind of girl)… but as a young lady who’s into this whole fashion scene, I feel that others in the fashion industry and ultimately other young professionals like myself may be curious to know – What does one wear to a first day of work in Paris (the fashion capitol of the WORLD) on their first day of work in the Fashion Industry??

The “what will I wear” panic induced by what to wear in this uber chic city is not unfamiliar territory to anyone who has traveled to, or even CONSIDERED traveling to Paris. How will you know what’s cool?! You don’t want to look out of place and you certainly don’t need french whispers about how “eedious” your shoes are.

So here it is folks… the golden ticket to always looking chic in Paris!

Wear black like you’ve never worn it before!!!!! You want to wear your baby blue hat?! NO! You want a black one! What coat should you wear with those pants? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a black coat of course!!! Black on Black on Black on Black! Just DO IT. And trust me, you’ll be chic-ly sipping un cafe latte and hearing things whispered “J’adore those black boots!”.

black yohji yamamoto BLOG Black is a Happy Colour BLOG black is the new black BLOG

Here’s where things get interesting…

Before leaving for France, my sister was incredibly kind enough to lend me a gorgeous jacket of hers to take with me. It’s wool, double breasted, and amazing. As I was preparing for my first day of work I was feeling very lonely, nervous and needing some family support wherever I could find it.

I wore my Bulova watch given to me by my mother as a graduation gift, tiny gold seashell earrings (also a gift from my mommy), my Birth of Venus Pyrrah necklace (which I never take off), my sister’s cardinal red Tommy Hilfiger coat, wax denim Rag + Bone black jeans, Rag + Bone ankle boots, a black leather slouch bag and a cream scarf.

Tommy Hilfiger Wool Coat in Cardinal Red

Tommy Hilfiger Wool Coat in Cardinal Red

Rag + Bone Waxed Denim Pant

Rag + Bone Waxed Denim Pant

Rag +Bone Leather Ankle Boot

Rag +Bone Leather Ankle Boot

As I’m sure you’ve notice… I’ve broken the first rule of chic in Paris. But, as they say “You have the know the rules before you can break them”. As I put my shoes on and started walking towards the door, I remembered my sister telling me that “colour is confidence”, so I reached for her red coat and headed out into the great unknown.

Now do I really think colour is confidence? Maybe not so much. But my sister is one of the most colourful dressers I know and I am always in love with what she puts together. My own personal style has by comparison left me occasionally feeling that I look dark and “boring”. I like details, a great fit, and minimalism. I am a firm believer that the only colours you are required to have in your wardrobe are cream and navy. Otherwise, it’s black and white baby!!

I made my way to the metro station in Asnières-sur-Seine, and onto the platform. For the first time in my life, I was the only one in colour in a sea of blackness. I have never felt more beautifully out of place. I wish my mom and my sister could have seen it because it has been the battle of their lives to get me into anything that announces “HELLO I’M HERE!”. A head taller than the crowd, with my blonde hair glowing like a beacon and my red coat commanding the attention of everyone on the surrounding platform, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my family, for my sister, and for the people in my life who continue to give me gentle nudges in a new direction even if it’s scary. Whether it’s wearing red, moving to a new country, chasing your dreams, or in my case all three. The most important thing any of us can do is plan for worst, hope for the best and just jump in.




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