If it ain’t the new Beyonce album, I ain’t playin’ it


Still capture from video ‘Superpower’ featuring Frank Ocean

I have never been a “fan” of celebrities, musicians, athletes, etc… well, at least not enough to buy a t-shirt, wear a personal jersey, buy concert tickets, or hang giant posters in my room. That being said, I have always admired certain aspects of these people, and greatly enjoyed their talents and their contributions. But with so many “musicians” these days (remember when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had albums?!), and with the incredible advances in technology it has become so difficult to separate the true artists from those with a gaggle of teen followers and great auto-tuning. That was, until Beyonce came along and raised the bar.

I have always enjoyed Beyonce for her strong feminist views, her female empowerment message, her exceptional voice and her ever fresh choreography. With epic songs over the years from “Bills, Bills, Bills” with Destiny’s Child, to “Independent Woman”, to the cult classic “Single Ladies”; we’ve watched Beyonce transform from Bootylicious front running diva, to independent solo artist, the progression of her long time relationship with Jay-Z, finally crowning herself Mrs. Carter, and now into motherhood.

It wasn’t until I watched her HBO documentary “Life is But a Dream”  that I came to appreciate her as a true ARTIST, not just the face of a giant-multibillion-dollar-money-making-machine (although she is that too).

By sharing this deeply personal documentary with the world, Beyonce shares some of her most intimate moments through a collage of personal videos and confessionals, she has allowed the world to love her even more than before. As I grow into my own womanhood, I spend more and more time contemplating the kind of woman I hope to become, what I hope to achieve in my life, and how I hope to balance it all… and it’s pretty crazy to see that Beyonce does the exact same thing.


Her new self titled album, Beyonce, had a record breaking launch on iTunes after launching as the first ever visual album while breaking the traditional route of album promotion and marketing. GENIUS! And honestly… this is her bravest, most incredible collective work to date.

To hear Beyonce explain it and have your mind blown click the link below:

Part of what makes me SO incredibly stoked on this album, is the VISUAL aspect. The perfect coupling of some of the industry’s most talented individuals. From video directors (Hype Williams, Melina Matsoukas and Jonas Akerlund), writers (Frank Ocean, The-Dream, Hit-Boy and Timbaland) some of the fashion industry’s hottest models (Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls & Chanel Iman) to MINDBLOWING fashion stylists.

Straight from the legendary hallowed hallways of Dazed & Confused magazine in London, came uber stylist Karen Langley. I had the incredible opportunity to meet and speak with Karen about styling, fashion, the industry and hard work and to say I was starstruck would be a complete understatement. Her work can be seen in the video for “Ghost”, where a gorgeous Issey Miyake flows all around her.

Beyonce in "Ghost" Styled by Karen Langley

Beyonce “Ghost”
Styled by Karen Langley
(Issey Miyake)

The visual album is jam packed with delicious designer delights, and impeccable styling. From Chanel, to Philip Lim, Herve Leger, and nods to Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking”, this album is marinated in all things that make my world go round! Sultry, Soulful, Seductive and Steeped in dance moves millions of girls will be dying to master, this album delivers on every single level. And yes… Since I purchased it on its release date it’s the ONLY thing I’ve been listening to.

Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

Beyonce “Pretty Hurts”

Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

Beyonce “Pretty Hurts”

Beyonce "Haunted"

Beyonce “Haunted”

Beyonce "Haunted" (YSL Le Smoking inspired)

Beyonce “Haunted”
(YSL Le Smoking inspired)

Beyonce & Jay-Z "Drunk in Love"

Beyonce & Jay-Z
“Drunk in Love”

Beyonce "Blow"

Beyonce “Blow”
Beyonce "No Angel"

Beyonce “No Angel”

Beyonce "Yonce"

Beyonce “Yonce”

yonce bey joan jourdan chanel

Left: Jourdan Dunn, Beyonce, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman
(Philip Lim SS14 jacket & Herve Leger)

Beyonce "Partition"

Beyonce “Partition”

Beyonce "Patition"

Beyonce “Partition”

Beyonce "Jealous"

Beyonce “Jealous”

Beyonce "Rocket"

Beyonce “Rocket”

Beyonce "Rocket"

Beyonce “Rocket”

Beyonce "Mine"

Beyonce “Mine”

Beyonce "Mine"

Beyonce “Mine”

Beyonce "XO"

Beyonce “XO”

Beyonce "Flawless"

Beyonce “Flawless”
(Chanel chain boots)

Beyonce "Flawless"

Beyonce “Flawless”

Beyonce "Superpower"

Beyonce “Superpower”
Beyonce "Heaven"

Beyonce “Heaven”

Beyonce "Blue"

Beyonce “Blue”

Beyonce. Repeat All. Go.



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